Frequently Asked Questions about GovEx Academy Courses

What is the time commitment for courses?

For our facilitated courses, learners can expect to spend up to 5 hours per week, on average, on the course. This includes readings, recorded lectures, learning assessments, and a weekly virtual live session which is a regularly scheduled online meeting facilitated by the instructor. Most facilitated courses run for four weeks.

For our self-guided courses, learners can expect to spend a total of approximately two to three hours reviewing the readings and recorded lectures.


Can the courses be completed "at my own pace"?

Most of our online facilitated courses are led by an instructor; they are intended to be completed on a weekly schedule. Each week of the course typically runs from Wednesday - Tuesday. Learners can review the course materials and complete the assignments on their own schedule as long as each week's content is completed by Tuesday. Each course will also have a weekly “virtual live session” which is a regularly scheduled time to engage with the instructor and other learners. The day/time will be the same each week but will vary from course to course.

Self-guided courses can be completed at the learner’s convenience.


What if I am unable to attend a virtual live session?

The weekly virtual live sessions for facilitated courses are an important part of the learning program and learners are expected to participate. However, we understand that learners may have occasional schedule conflicts. The sessions will be recorded and posted to the online learning system and it is the responsibility of the learner to watch the recording of any sessions they did not attend.


Will you accept a late assignment?

All facilitated course assignments are expected to be completed by the set due dates. However, we understand that sometimes things come up, and delayed completion may be allowed at the discretion of the instructor. Late assignments may not receive feedback or a grade from the instructor.


Should I have any special background knowledge or experience to take courses?

There are no prerequisites for all "Foundations" (level 200) courses, however, learners are encouraged to take the relevant self-guided “Getting Started” (level 100) courses before enrolling in a facilitated course. In general, learners are encouraged to review the course description to determine if a course is a right fit for them. Courses of levels 300 and above may have prerequisites - they will be listed in the course description.


How many courses can I take at the same time?

Learners may choose to take more than one course at a time. However, our learners usually spend on average 5-6 hours per week on coursework. Previous learners have commented that taking two courses at the same time felt overwhelming and was not recommended. 


How often will you be offering facilitated courses?

We will be offering most of our facilitated courses several times throughout the year. You can view the schedule of upcoming courses in our course catalog.

Self-guided courses will be available continuously.


When is the deadline to enroll in a course?

For facilitated courses, you may enroll up to one day before the course start date, as long as there are spaces available. Once a course reaches capacity, the course will be closed in the catalog, and you will have the opportunity to register for the next offering of that course.

Self-guided courses have no enrollment deadlines.