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Communicating with Data Workshop (FED 003)

This course will be presented as two-hour webinars over three days: July 20, July 22, July 27, 2020.

"Communicating with Data" workshop provides an understanding of the foundations of good data communication (i.e., data collection, dissemination, and visualization) and will help you create a seamless story about your agency’s datasets by focusing on context, datasets, and visuals. This hands-on workshop will reveal best reporting practices by deciding what information is relevant, for whom, and the best way to effectively disseminate results.

By the end of the course you will be able to:
- Build a compelling narrative by studying effective reporting styles and employing key elements.
- Choose relevant datasets that reinforce the intended message.
- Design effective visuals by ensuring that chart elements work together to reinforce the overarching takeaway message.

Start Date: 07/20/2020

  • Welcome to the Workshop!
  • Meet Your Instructors
  • Pre-Workshop Survey
  • Workshop Agenda
  • Accessing Training
  • Pre-work
  • Data Storytelling Day 1 Lesson (Nearpod view)
  • Data Storytelling Day 1 Recording (Webex view)
  • PreWork - Communications with Data: Student Worksheet
  • Data Storytelling Day 2 Lesson (Nearpod View)
  • Data Storytelling Day 2 Recording (Webex view)
  • day 3: exhibit
  • PreWork Reading - Slidedocs by Nancy Duarte
  • Data Storytelling Day 3 Lesson (Nearpod View)
  • Data Storytelling Day 3 Recording (Webex view)
  • workshop wrap-up
  • Post-Workshop Survey
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Pre-Workshop Survey , Pre-work, PreWork - Communications with Data: Student Worksheet, PreWork Reading - Slidedocs by Nancy Duarte, Post-Workshop Survey"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever